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I'm Eric MutemaA WordPress DeveloperI turn Ideas into
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South Seattle Community Food Hub

A website for South Seattle Community Food Hub

Built with GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks

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E.D.G & Atelier Architects

A portfolio website for E.D.G & Atelier Architects

Built with ACF and Elementor

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Elite Hostels

An hostel booking website.

Built with Woo, ACF and Elementor

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An e-commerce website for a Lashes and accessories store.

Built with WooCommerce and Elementor

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Midwest Passover

An event website bult with Bricks, ACF and WSForms

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Ai Posts Generator Plugin

This plugin uses the OpenAI API to dynamically generate blog posts. If you are tired of writing blog posts yourself and want to utilize the power of AI, this is the plugin for you!

Ai Posts Generator is a WordPress plugin that generates blog posts by leveraging the OpenAI API. With just a few configurations, you can have AI-powered content on your blog in no time.

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A Little Bit About Me

I’m a developer with an eye for design.

Crafting Digital Excellence: Your Expert in WordPress, Laravel, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS

I’m driven by my passion and honed skills to forge exceptional digital products and immersive experiences. A trusted name for both domestic and international clientele, I specialize in the conception, execution, and orchestration of cutting-edge digital solutions.

As an independent professional, I collaborate seamlessly with web agencies, enterprises, startups, and individuals, charting out comprehensive strategies for thriving digital enterprises. 

With a keen command over WordPress, Laravel, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS, I transform visions into reality, breathing life into every pixel and code line. Your journey to digital distinction begins here.